Quality Management

Among other things, we are certified to calibrate measuring instruments: callipers, micrometres, gauges, verniers. At our premises, we have an air-conditioned measuring room with two Wenzel CNC 3D measuring machines: LH54 and LH87. Thanks to these machines, we are able to ensure full control over the quality of our parts. We provide input, inter-operational, and, of course, final product inspection. The machines are at the cutting edge of measurement technology, and both are equipped with Renishaw probes. We provide FMEA, APQP, FAI, CTQ on request.

Quality Policy

Quality and perfection:

We see the quality and perfection of our products as the most important parameter for the satisfaction of our customers. We refuse to let any product out of the company’s door that is not in all respects to the customers’ specifications. We see internal product defects as an evil and customer complaints as a disgrace.


We treat everyone inside and outside the company with fairness and honesty.

Focus on co-workers:

We openly express our thoughts, opinions and feelings when communicating with co-workers. We respect each other, listen to each other, and help each other to create a good working team.


The way forward for us is to be productive at work and implement innovative technologies.


Strojírna Vehovský s.r.o. tries to behave responsibly also towards its surroundings, which we are not indifferent to. We feel a social responsibility and strive to develop the area in which we live. Every year we contribute to selected projects. We regularly support the activities of the municipality of Otice or the Opava Technical High School. Among others, we also support the Silesian Hospital Opava, the pupils of the Opava football club, the Otice volunteer fire brigade and the Opava basketball club.

The surroundings of our company are what best illustrate our relationship with the environment.

We want everyone in our company to feel comfortable. The image of our company is what defines us and is our priority. Come and visit us and see for yourself!

Machining reliability required

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