Other Machines


Machine name Type Specifications
Studer S33 CNC cylindrical grinding machine Max. part diameter/length 350x1000 mm
Sunnen SV-20 Honing machine Honing diameter 19-200 mm, stroke 500 mm, up to 600 kg
WH10 Horizontal milling machine Max. part dimensions 1000/1000/700 mm, up to 500 kg
SV 18RA Turning machine Max. part diameter/length 180x1000 mm
FGS 32/40 Milling machine Max. part dimensions 720/360/420 mm
SIP BKOZ Drilling machine Max. part dimensions 1000/700/450 mm
KASTOtwin A4 Automatic saw Max. diameter 400 mm
B57 Horizontal broaching machine Max. rating 40 t, stroke 2000 mm
BHB 50 Cylindrical grinding machine Max. part diameter/length 350x1500 mm
BPH Flat grinding machine Max. part dimensions 1000/300/260 mm