STROJÍRNA Vehovský s.r.o. - Your Supplier of Precision Machining


For over 20 years now, our company offers high quality, reliable deliveries and great experience in precision machining industry. The company has changed dramatically over the years. It was established as a small company with only two employees. Nowadays, Strojirna is a top-notch company delivering machined parts all over the world.

Our main field of business is precision machining according to our customers' drawings. We specialize in series production of larger mechanical parts that are difficult to produce. During this production, we can demonstrate our experience and high quality equipment. Half of our production is delivered to Czech companies and Czech branches of international companies. Our parts are then assembled into the final product and then exported around the globe. The other half of our production is exported directly by the company to global companies in Europe, America, and Asia.

Since the establishment in 1997 we grow rapidly and we constantly invest into new technical equipment. At this moment, we have an experienced team of 65 employees. Due to our rapid growth we were forced to invest into new production facilities and nowadays we operate from our own headquarters in Otice that has over 2800 m2.

Our effort to continual improvement is what drives us forward. We are proud to deliver to top notch, global companies that have direct impact on our lives.